The Importance of Choosing OEM over Generic Parts - INKJET PARTS

The Importance of Choosing OEM over Generic Parts

Digital printing is a competitive market and saving money on repairs is more important than ever. Whether you repair printers for a living or you’re trying to cut costs and repair your own, you should consider using OEM parts. Don’t...

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Stock Up on Quality Mimaki Spare Parts - INKJET PARTS

Stock Up on Quality Mimaki Spare Parts

When a large-format printer like the Mimaki stops working, many different parts may need to be replaced. This is why it’s important to keep parts on hand at all times. Finding spare parts for a Mimaki printer may seem like...

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What is Printhead Delamination? - INKJET PARTS

What is Printhead Delamination?

Most Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland printers use DX5 or DX7 printheads. The most common issue with Epson DX5 and DX7 printheads is delamination or broken seal. This is where the metal face of the printhead ( shown below ) separated...

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Improve the Life of Your Printheads - INKJET PARTS

Improve the Life of Your Printheads

Maintaining your Mimaki, Mutoh or Roland printer is a great way to understand the functions of your machine, as well as making sure your printer does its job properly with few issues. Clean any ink, hair, dust off of your cap tops...

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Marabu Marajet DI-SX - INKJET PARTS

Marabu Marajet DI-SX

What is the one thing that printers run out of the most? INK. The most logical choice is to find the most cost effective solution, but can also undertake the tasks it is set out to do. Marajet DI-SX is...

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Mimaki Printhead Maintenance - INKJET PARTS

Mimaki Printhead Maintenance

When your printer starts giving you imperfect prints, what do you do? It's easy to criticise a printer, but what do we do next? Assess the situation, could there be air in the lines, or is the wiper dirty, could...

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