Mutoh RJ900 Maintenance and Common Parts

If you own a wide-format printer, you probably know the importance of keeping up with maintenance. Not cleaning your Mutoh RJ900 or replacing common parts when necessary could lead to your printer dying much sooner than anticipated.

Common Part Replacements
For starters, you should replace your Mutoh RJ900 cap top and dampers once a year. Depending on the ink you use, these parts might clog up even faster than a year, so it’s important to check them regularly to be safe. For example, using a subpar solvent will lead to clogs faster than if you used a high-quality solvent.
The wiper blades and flushing supports, on the other hand, usually go bad in about three months. They might last longer if you don’t use the printer daily. However, changing them every three months or less is the best way to avoid downtime. If you notice you have to clean waste from the dropout nozzles more often than normal, this is a telltale sign of bad wiper blades.

The Pressure Roller DF-49053 is another common part that tends to wear out over time. When this happens, it can cause banding and feeding issues. If the part isn’t replaced, it can lead to other damage within the printer. This issue is extremely common, so it’s important to keep up with maintenance and replace the part at the first sign of an issue.

The Drafstation Pump Cap Assy - DF-49030 is will also fail over time. The part consists of the cap top, wiper, and pump. If you use your Mutoh RJ900 often, you should replace this part once a year. If you use the printer sparingly, the part can last up to two years. If you notice less suction from cleanings and an increase in test prints with missing nozzles, the Drafstation Pump Cap Assy is probably going out.

You can wait until the parts go bad and spend extra money and time on repairs, or you can simply change the parts on a regular basis.

Should I Buy OEM Parts or Generic Parts?
Whether this is your first time owning a wide-format printer or just your first time handling the replacements on your own, you might not understand the difference in OEM and generic parts. It’s easy to opt for generic parts when you’re trying to save money, but it might not be the best choice in the long run. Generic parts cost considerably less, but it’s important to remember that a lower cost often means a lower quality. Since OEM parts come from the manufacturer, they undergo rigorous testing to ensure quality and durability. You’ll find that the OEM parts don’t need to be replaced nearly as often as generic parts do.

Keep Your Replacement Parts Clean
If you replace a part for your Mutoh RJ900 but do not keep up with proper cleaning, you’ll find yourself buying another replacement much sooner than necessary. By taking a little time out of your week to clean the necessary parts, you can keep your replacement parts working as good as new. Fortunately, you don’t have to clean every single part daily. Stick to this schedule for the best results:

Wiper and cap – Clean a minimum of twice a week
Printhead – Clean once a week
Flushing box insert – Clean or replace two times a month
Something as simple as replacing a few parts and cleaning your printer regularly can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs. By stocking up on OEM replacement parts, you can keep using your printer for a long time. With superior line focus sharpness, smooth transitions, continuous tones, and quick printing, the Mutoh RJ900 is worth your time and effort.

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