Mimaki Printhead Maintenance

When your printer starts giving you imperfect prints, what do you do? It's easy to criticise a printer, but what do we do next? Assess the situation, could there be air in the lines, or is the wiper dirty, could it be the ink you’re using, when was the last time you did a good cleaning, is your printhead damaged or blocked? For the print that impresses, it comes down to one activity MAINTENANCE.

Not knowing the printhead cleaning process can be disastrous. Knowing this process you will be able to deal with a blocked or clogged printhead. This will save you money in the long run. Doing the right MAINTENANCE WILL SAVE YOU MONEY!

The most user friendly way to clear a blocked printhead, is using the printers self cleaning option. However the more aged your printer becomes, especially your parts this routine becomes less effective. In the earlier stages of maintenance this is your friend. This advantage is obtainable with present-day Mimaki printers. Some printers have a button that you can press to activate a cleaning cycle, while others require a manual cleaning.

If this does not work, the last technique you can try is a nozzle wash. You’ll be soaking the face of the print head on the capping station. This wash HAS TO BE CLEANING SOLUTION. Solvent cleaning solution, must only be used with solvent inks. The same goes with Water-Based mixing the two will DESTROY your print head!
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