Cleaning Head Carriage Rail on Your JV33 & JV5 Mimaki Printers

         By, 4/11/2016
  • A regular maintenance procedure on print head carriage rail will ensure proper head carriage travels and longevity of the Y axis motor.
  • Many people overlook the dust, dirt and grease accumulated on the carriage rail over time, which causes the bearing assembly and Y motor wear out prematurely.
  • dirty printer swab
  • A Maintenance procedure should be carried out once a month for printers that run 40 hours or more a week.
    • Turn off the printer and make sure the head carriage is back on the capping station.
    • Mimaki JV5 maintenance y rail motor
    • Above Shows the Mimaki JV5 Y-rail on which the head carriage travels. Clean the front, top and bottom of the rail using a lint free polyester wipe, dampened with Alcohol. DO NOT apply Alcohol directly onto the rail. Doing so may cause premature failure of the bearing.
    • Clean Mimaki JV5 y rail with sponge swab
    • Apply IJP grease to the Y-Rail using sponge swab. Ensure the grease is spread out evenly and thin. DO NOT use your fingers to lubricate the Y-Rail with grease.
    • Remove any excess grease with a clean lint free polyester wipe. Excess grease can be splattered by the carriage bearings onto the Encoder Strip that controls carriage position and will cause CR errors.
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