Marabu Marajet DI-SX

What is the one thing that printers run out of the most? INK. The most logical choice is to find the most cost effective solution, but can also undertake the tasks it is set out to do. Marajet DI-SX is a solvent based ink. Developed for ECO-SOL MAX2 -generation Mimaki, Roland & Mutoh printers. This is a exceptional cost-effective alternative to OEM products.

Marajet DI-SX is a new line of eco-solvent ink, this ink is crucial in today's market. Developed for ECO-SOL MAX2 -generation Mimaki, Roland & Mutoh printers. Ease of use, matched colors sets the grade of caliber for ink in its class.

Another advantage of this product is the plug-and-print range. Now what does this mean? It means changing to Marabu ink is undemanding and uncomplicated! Color profiles have no need for modification or refinement. As this inks properties are specially tailored to the print head. The ultrafine pigment entitles users for a host of commands. Even better it extends the life of the printheads, however with the right maintenance.

Cost-effective printing, with a quality product that Inkjet parts provides.     

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