Improve the Life of Your Printheads

Maintaining your Mimaki, Mutoh or Roland printer is a great way to understand the functions of your machine, as well as making sure your printer does its job properly with few issues. Clean any ink, hair, dust off of your cap tops and wiper, this can be done with cleaning Swabs and Solution. If the Wiper Blade has debris and or dried ink on it. This will push waste into your print heads nozzles and cause dropout issues. If you wiper is damaged and just not doing its Job replace it ASAP. A new wiper blade can help you avoid multiple cleanings. 
You can also flush your pump system, put cleaning solution into your cap tops and let it drain through the system. having this solution will course through the tubes and breach through the dry ink that is causing the clogs or weak suction.
A very important part is running a "TEST PRINT" this will check the health of your print head. If a few nozzles are clogged, run a cleaning cycle.
Once a week you need to clean the bottom of the print head. Using the right swab & cleaning solution will be save the print heads in the long run, this must be done once a week. DO NOT wipe in the face of the print head.
Replace Items (depends on how much you print, and if you keep up with maintenance) 
Wipers: When Bloated/damaged/uneven if not 3-5 months
Cap tops: When damaged or almost a year
Dampers: Damaged or clogged, or almost a year 
Pumps: Depends on how often your running the cleaning cycle.
Soak Sponges: 2-4 Weeks 
Run your printer every day, if your don't run every day, and your printer sits depending on the environment the pigments can settle in the print head. Don't let your printer sit and turn it on days later and assume it will work.
Follow your Manufacturer's Environmental/ Electrical Requirements   
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