The Importance of Cleaning Your Wide-Format Printer

Owning a wide-format printer is no different than owning a vehicle when it comes to maintenance. Oftentimes, customers are shocked when their printer stops working after only a few years. In most cases, this happens because they simply didn’t keep it clean. If you want to extend the life of your Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh, or DTG printer, it’s important that you clean it daily. Whether you use solvent ink or water-based ink, failing to keep the print head clean will affect both the life of your replacement parts and the quality of your prints.

The best way to ensure your printer is in top condition is with our Foam Tip Cleaning Swabs. These sponge sticks are extremely durable and effective even on the dirtiest print heads. At 5 inches long, you can easily reach each part for an easy clean. The swabs are made with high absorbency, so one pack goes a long way.

Along with cleaning the print head daily, you should also clean the cap tops and wiper blades. If you clean these parts daily with a cleaning solution and our high-end cleaning swabs, these parts will only have to be replaced as follows:

  • print heads – every 2-3 years
  • cap tops – once a year
  • wipers – every 3-5 months

Keeping your printer running well is really as simple as using and cleaning it every day. Order a pack of cleaning swabs today.

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