UV DTF Premium Film B 12" x 328ft

$ 39.00

Premium UV DTF B 

UV DTF Film allows you to transfer UV prints directly onto hard substrates. Instead of printing directly onto hard objects—which is limited to one object at a time and restricted by shape—you can print onto UVDTF® Sheets using your UV or UV DTF printer. This creates UV-printed stickers that can be easily peeled and applied to irregular, curved, tall, or large materials.

What is UVDTF® Printing?

UVDTF® printing involves using a UV printer to print onto UVDTF® Film, creating sticker sheets with one or multiple images. These stickers can then be transferred to almost any hard substrate, including puzzles, canvas, phone cases, leather, glass, metal, crystal, acrylic, PVC, ABS, EVA, plastic, power banks, stone, thumb drives, and silica gel.

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