Roland Bulk Solvent Ink Starter Kit

$ 379.99

Crafted to precisely replicate the performance and color characteristics of Eco-Sol MAX, Eco-Sol MAXTM, and Eco-Ultra, this premium Impact Eco-Solvent ink in a convenient 1-liter size offers an impressive color range, consistent performance, precise color accuracy, and versatility across various media types. Our colors are virtually indistinguishable from the original, eliminating the need to adjust color profiles or clean ink lines due to their remarkable similarity. With minimal scent and a hassle-free Plug & Play setup akin to the original, this ink is not only environmentally friendly but also boasts water resistance and outdoor durability without the need for lamination, mirroring the quality of OEM inks. Experience a broad color spectrum, vibrant hues, seamless tonal transitions, and superb adhesion on both coated and uncoated surfaces.

- 4 High quality tanks. 

- 4 NEW VERSION 2023 Float cartridges with easy connect fitting. 

- 1 Set of 1 liter CMYK Impact USA Eco Solvent

- 8ft of premium soft tubing for connecting the system.

Roland Eco Maxx Chips can be found on the link below.

Roland Eco Maxx Chips

Roland Eco Maxx 2 Chips


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  • What is needed for a Roland XR 640 with 7 colors?

    You would need extra chips for the last 3 spot colors.

  • is this low odor ink

    Hi Doug these inks have a very low odor.

  • fit to roland VS-540?

    Yes it will work with the VS-540

  • Can this be used on a Roland fj600 and/or a Roland fj500? Would it be plug and play, or would I have to modify the printer?


    this system works on all Roland printers your will just need to add the permanent chips.

  • Can they be used for outdoor banners?

    Yes absolutely. Out inks are rated for outdoor UV protection.

  • Will,it work with 300v

    This system is compatible with the Roman 300V.

  • Will this work is sp-540v

    Our bulk system is compatible with the Roland SP-540v.

  • will this work with the bn2-20

    Yes this system works on the BN-20

  • will this work on the BN2-20? and if so do I need the maxx chip?

    This system will work with with the BN2-20 but you will need chips that you are curenlty using in your system.

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