Mutoh Valujet Maintenance Station OEM 1204, 1304, 1604, 1614, 1324 & 1624 DG-41000

$ 599.00

This is the maintenance station for the Valuejet 1204, 1304, 1604, 1614, 1324 and 1624 printers. DF-49686 / DG-41000 / DG-41149.

This is the OEM maintenance station from Mutoh.


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  • This is an eco-solvent base ? I own two Mutohs 1614 and 1624X, this part works for both models ? And last, does this parts came with the base, I ask beacause I have a little problem with the little piece that holds the print head.

    This maintenance station works for all ink types.

  • This Maintenance Station works for my VJ-1324X....because in the description......"Mutoh Valujet Maintenance Station OEM 1204, 1304, 1604, 1614, 1324 & 1624" ..... dont see it......

    This maintenance station will work on the Mutoh VJ-1324X

  • I am told OEM Mutoh Station does not come with a blue wiper.

    We will update the photo out maintenace stations come with a black wiper and are OEM. Please feel free to call us if you have any quaestions.

  • Does this include the pump and wiper? what else would I need to do the yearly maintenance.

    Yes our maintenance station includes the wiper and pump.

  • Is this OEM from Mutoh?

    This is an OEM Mutoh Japan part.

  • I just want to check I have VJ1624 and want to change its Maintenance Station Assy. Does VJ1204 and VJ1624 uses same maintenance station assy? please advise.

    Yes the 1204 shares the same capping station with the following.
    Valuejet 1204 Valuejet 1304 Valuejet 1304W Valuejet 1324 Valuejet 1604 Valuejet 1604W Valuejet 1614 Valuejet 1624

  • Does this come with instructions to remove old and re-install? My dealer wants to charge me for 1 hour tech support.

    Hi Paul! This is a very easy install and we can always assist over the phone. Normally this takes about 20 minutes to replace.

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