Mutoh 1638WX / 1618 / 1624 / 1324 Valve Head Assy (Damper) - DG-41543

by Mutoh
$ 85.00
The Mutoh 1638WX Valve Head Assy (Damper) - DG-41543 is OEM. We do NOT sell the gray non OEM dampers as they normally cause more issues. We recommend changing out dampers when getting a new printhead as the old damper o-rings normally stick the the nipples. 

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  • Is this part Mutoh 1638WX / 1618 / 1624 / 1324 Valve Head Assy (Damper) - DG-41543 compatible with our Mutoh 1638X inkjet printer?

    These are compatible with all Mutoh 1638 printers.

  • Is an installation guide available for installing this damper?

    Hi Mike you can call our technician Andrew at 858-209-7134

  • Is this damper compatible with a Mutoh 1628x printer?

    Yes these are compaitble with the 1628X

  • I am looking to buy 24 dampers for a Mutoh, part # DG-41553. Do you offer a discount for that many? Thanks,

    Hi Joe we do offer bulk pricing on our dampers.

  • Is this damper compatible with the MUTOH 661UF? Does it have new 'O-Rings' and new caps?

    Hi Rick this damper is compatible with the 661UF and come with new o rings and seals.

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