Mimaki Mutoh Roland Bulk Ink System - 4 Tanks / 8 Cartridges / Tubing

$ 275.00

The Mimaki Mutoh Roland Bulk Ink System can be used with sublimation, solvent and other water based printers.This system comes with 4 tanks, 8 cartridges and tubing needed to connect everything. Our bulk ink set includes the following items. 

- 4 High quality tanks with stainless nozzles. 

- 8 NEW VERSION 2018 Float cartridges with easy connect fitting. 

- 16ft of premium soft tubing for connecting the system.

Our newer version of the float cartridges no longer require nuts, fittings or o rings creating a much safer leak free connection. 

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  • good morning, I need to understand where we need to install the smart card and if you are selling it (which credit 440ml or 1 lt?) Thanks Best regards GFM

    You only need a smart card if your using a Mutoh printer. The capacity per card is 440ml.

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