Inkjet Parts HD Sublimation Ink 1 Kilo

$ 149.00

Introducing our latest innovation, HD Sublimation Ink, meticulously formulated for use with medium-weight sublimation paper. Engineered by Inkjet Parts with precision, this ink is crafted to deliver optimal performance on various digital printers, particularly those equipped with Epson print heads. 

HD Sublimation Ink stands out with its high-density pigments, ensuring the creation of pure and vibrant colors. It excels in producing deep, rich blacks that leave a lasting impression. The superior quality and stability of our HD Sublimation Ink guarantee a reliable and consistently impressive output. Designed to meet the highest industry standards, our HD Sublimation Ink rivals the best inks available. Customers can anticipate unparalleled quality and reliability, experiencing the difference that our high-quality, high-density ink brings to their prints. Upgrade your printing experience with our HD Sublimation Ink today.

  • Ideal for sublimation paper within the 45-70GSM medium weight range.
  • Prints showcase outstanding brightness, vivid colors, and intricate layered patterns.
  • Stringent quality control guarantees enduring ink stability.
  • Crafted with imported, non-toxic, and eco-friendly materials, providing a broad spectrum of vibrant colors with superior transfer efficiency.

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