Impact Ultra S750 24" DTF Printer & Shaker Bundle

$ 24,995.00

IMPACT Ultra S750 24" 

Elevate your DTF (Direct to Film) printing game with the 24" S750 2 / 4 Head Printer & Shaker. This high-end printing solution is equipped with two to four advanced i3200 printheads, an intelligent head strike sensor, and a sleek, compact design that outperforms other printers in its class.

Precision Meets Efficiency: Our 2 / 4 Head Printer & Shaker combines precision and efficiency to deliver outstanding results. The dual i3200 printheads ensure that every print is sharp, vibrant, and true to your design, while the intelligent head strike sensor proactively detects and resolves any potential issues, minimizing downtime and maximizing your productivity.

Space-Saving Design, Maximum Performance: Designed with your workspace in mind, this printer offers a more compact footprint without compromising on performance. Enjoy the benefits of high-end DTF printing without sacrificing valuable space in your studio or office.

Exceptional Quality Prints: The 24" S750 2 / 4 Head Printer & Shaker is your key to achieving exceptional print quality. Whether you're producing intricate designs or high-volume prints, the two printheads work in harmony to ensure that every detail is captured with precision and brilliance.

Effortless Operation: Say goodbye to the hassles of complex printing processes. Our user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make operating this printer a breeze. You'll spend less time setting up and more time bringing your creative visions to life.

Experience the Future of DTF Printing: Join the ranks of professionals who demand the best in DTF printing technology. The 24" S750 2 / 4 Head Printer & Shaker offers unmatched quality, speed, and convenience in a compact package. Upgrade your printing capabilities and discover the future of DTF printing today.
2 / 4  Epson I3200-A1 Printheads (CMYK - WWWW)

1.8 Liter per color ink bottle capacity
4 Pass 6 Pass and 8 Pass Print Resolution
Printing Resolution: 720 x 1200dpi; 7200 x 1800dpi; 720 x 2400dpi (4Pass, 6Pass, 8Pass)
Printing Software: DTF Fairy RIP Software
Print Head Cleaning: Automatic
Rewinding Function: Automatic

Printer Technical Specs:

Printer Size: 64in x 27.6in x 53.3in (1765mm x 700mm x 1355mm)
Printer Weight: 396lbs (180kg)
Packing Size: 73.6in x 39.4in x 28.7in (1870mm x 1000mm x 730mm)
Gross Weight: 440.9lbs (200kg)
Working Power Supply: AC110V, 50HZ / 60HZ, 1 phase.
Current: 11A, 1200W
Interface: Gigabit Ethernet
Temperature control set to 20-35°C (68°F-95°F) and 45% - 65% humidity

Shaker Technical Specs:

24" Maximum width
Conveyor belt
Vacuum blowers to hold film down
Manual and Automatic modes.
Touchscreen controls
Easy access doors
Dryer: 40" wide x 76" deep x 42" high
A/C 220v 20amps Regulated L6-20 Style outlet.
Climate control set to 70-75 degrees and 40 - 60% humidity
Vent to the outside. 

What's Included 

Impact Compact S750 24" Printer
Starter 1 Liter Ink CMYKW, Powder and 24" Premium Film
DTF RIP software
90 day Limited Warranty (Printheads are not covered)
Free Technical Support

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