Inkjet Parts F.A.Q.

Mimaki Frequently Asked Questions 

  • JV33 / JV5 ERROR 202 - This error can be caused by improper insertion of the FPC cable to the print head. You might also see this error if ink has dripped onto the print head and FPC connection. 
  •  JV33 ERROR 07 - This error occurs when there is a power surge and most likely the print head and main board need to be replaced. It is always recommended to have your Mimaki connected to a battery backup.
  • JV33 / JV5 ERROR  08 - This is a linear encoder error and is normally caused by a dirty encoder strip. It is recommenced to clean your Mimaki encoder every few months. We recommend using our pretreated alcohol swabs.
  • JV33 / JV5 ERROR 43 - The Y over current error can be caused by friction build up on your carriage rail. We recommend cleaning the carriage rail every month with sponge swab and our rail grease. Maintaining your carriage rail will prolong the life of your Y motor. Visit our blog to see how to properly maintain your carriage rail.
  • JV33 ERROR 50 - A media detect error can be caused by paper not being centered on the printer. This can also occur when the photo sensor has been knocked out of place normally caused by a head strike.