Mimaki, Mutoh, & Roland Universal Bulk Ink System - 4 Tanks / 8 Cartridges / Tubing

$ 300.00

The Mimaki Mutoh Roland Bulk Ink System can be used with sublimation, solvent and other water based printers.This system comes with 4 tanks, 8 cartridges and tubing needed to connect everything. 

Works with all Mimaki, Mutoh & Roland printers that use horizontal cartridges.  



Mimaki SS21 CJV150 / JV300

Mimaki SS21 CJV60 / JV33

Mimaki ES3 CJV150 / JV300

Mimaki ES3 CJV60 / JV33


Eco Maxx 

Eco Maxx 2 

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  • Is this compatible with JV150-130?

    Yes this system is compatible. with the JV150-130

  • im looking for a system that work with soljet pro xr640

    Yes it will fit the soljet pro xr640

  • Hi. I have a Mimaki JV 300 - 160. Will this system work with that printer

    Yes this system is fully compatible with the Mimaki JV300-160.

  • is this compatible with vj628?

    This system is compatible with all Mutoh printers you will need to see if your chips are turned off.

  • Will this work with a mutoh rj900x?

    Hi Eric this will work for the RJ900X We can assist you over the phone during installation.


  • i have a Mimaki UJV-160. The cartridges are installed laying flat instead of on their edge. Will this system work that way.

    Hi James

    Unfortunately these cartridges are not meant to be laid down. This bulk system is also meant only for waterbase or solvent systems.

  • Can you assist me with everything I need for the Roland VS300? Cartridges/ ink/ chips? Part numbers or links for ordering everything? Thank You

    Hi there yes we can help with all of these items. Please call us tomorrow and we can assist.

  • will this work on my mimaki jv33-130 eco solvent printer i use es3 cartridges now

    This will absolutely work on any CJV Mimaki model.


    This will work on the VG 540 and will not good your warranty. We sell EPTA solvent inks made in Italy.

  • Will my Mimaki permeant chips work with these bulk cartridges?

    Yes any chips that currently fit on Mimaki OEM cartridges will also fit our cartridges.

  • How much ink can the bulk system ink tanks hold?

    The bulk ink system tanks will hold 1.5 liters of ink and the cartridges will hold about .5 liters.

  • good morning, I need to understand where we need to install the smart card and if you are selling it (which credit 440ml or 1 lt?) Thanks Best regards GFM

    You only need a smart card if your using a Mutoh printer. The capacity per card is 440ml.

  • I have a Mimaki JV33-160 with a bulk ink system for sublimation currently but needs to be changed out. Will this bulk ink system you have work on it and does it require any chips? And if it does, do you also carry the chips and at what cost? I may also have to change out all the tubing, do you have that in stock as well? Thanks

    Hi Ruda, 

    You will need chips for this system the reason for this is that is there are many different ink type for Mimkai ie SB51, SB52 and SB53. Please feel free to call us with any questions.

  • Will this work with my mimaki CJV30-130 and do I need anything for it to read the chip. I know when I by the cards it was a chip on it. How does this bulk system read the ink levels?

    You will need chips depending on your setup


  • Does this support the Mutoh Prism Jet VJ54

    This system is compatible with the Mutoh Prisim Jet VJ54

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