Success story: Remote support

We recently had a customer reach out to us for remote technical support. He was having issues with his DTF printer not working whenever he sent files to print. 

After working with our service technician, he was able to get his printer up and running again within an hour.

Here's a breakdown of this support ticket. 

Why is my DTF printer not working?

Frustrated with not being able to solve the problem on his own, the customer grew impatient.

His printer was down for days. He was about to miss his deadlines.

After several attempts at solving the issue on his own, he decided to purchase remote support with one of our service technicians to help figure out the problem. 

What's changed with your DTF printer recently?

The first step to troubleshooting your DTF printer is asking the right questions:

  • What issues are you having with your DTF printer?
  • How long have you been experiencing this issue?
  • Have you made any recent changes to your printer, replacing parts for example?

These questions are important for pinpointing exactly what is causing your issue. 

The customer told our service technician that they had recently changed out an old printhead and ever since then they started to notice this issue.


How do I fix my DTF printer?

Typically, when your DTF printer will not print, there is a problem with the ribbon cable connections between the mainboard above the carriage and your printheads. 

These ribbon cables are vital to the printing process. Even the slightest damage or incomplete connection on your ribbon cable will prevent your printer from operating. 

Over the phone, our technician was able to walk him through removing his printheads and inspecting the ribbon cables and connections for damage. 

Upon inspection, the customer found no damage on any of the ribbon cables. However, considering that every ribbon cable had been removed and reconnected, our technician instructed the customer to restart his printer and send something to print. 

After reconnecting his printheads, the customer restarted his machine and sure enough, the printer started to print again. 

One of the ribbon cables was loose on the new printhead he had recently installed and this loose connection was causing his printer to stop working.

Having worked on these machines for some time, our technical team knows all the most common errors with DTF printers and how troubleshoot them. 

Opt for remote DTF support

In just one hour over the phone, our tech was able to get this customer's printer running again. 

Fortunately, the customer had some technical experience, so our technician was able to walk him through the process remotely.

But if the mechanical aspect is intimidating to you, it's best to bring in a professional to handle this. At Inkjetparts, we offer both remote and in-person support. 

When our technician followed up with him the following day, this is what he had to say:

“Our printer is up and running again. Thank you so much for your help. We were so stressed out figuring out the problem. We were late on a project but barely able to ship out the order yesterday.”

 Glad we could help!


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