DTF 13" x 165ft Glitter Crystal Roll Cold Peel 75 Micron

$ 99.00

Glitter DTF Film directly with your existing DTF printer and DTF ink, without changing any consumable or DTF printer setting. This Glitter DTF Film works on T-shirts, bags, shoes, socks and other materials, provides you intense sparkle and shine to your prints. The new product has the advantages of glitter effect, high ink absorption, no ink-bleeding, easy peel, and washable.

● Single side cold peel
● Shining glitter crystal effect
● Easy peel
● Soft hand feel

Press time 10-15s at 140 to 160c

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  • This example with kingnazhor - does the glitter only adhere to the inked portion? When its pressed - is the glitter only stick to the shirt where the ink is? Not a square of glitter around the whole pic?

    This gliter will only stick to the printed areas anywhere you have ink on the film.

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