A3 DTF Printer (Direct to Film Printer) 2 Epson I3200-A1

$ 7,999.00

Maximum print width: 11.8in (300mm) Maximum media width: 13.4in (340mm)

2pcs Epson I3200-A1 Printheads (CMYK - WWWW) 4 Pass 6 Pass and 8 Pass Print Resolution Speed: 4 pass: 9m²/ h; 6 pass: 6m²/ h; 8 pass: 4m²/ h 500ml per color ink bottle capacity

Printing Software: Flexi PhotoPrint Rip Printing Resolution: 360 x 1800dpi; 360 x 2400dpi; 360 x 3600dpi Print Head Cleaning: Automatic

Printer Size: 38.6 x 25.6 x 20.9in (98cm x 65cm x 53cm), 198lbs (90kg) Shaker Size: 62.9 x 38.6 x 37.8 in (160cm x 98cm x 96 cm), 220lbs (100kg) Packing Size: 65in x 41in x 43in (166cm x 104cm x 110cm) Gross Weight: 573.2lbs (260kg)

Requirements: • A/C 110v 36amps. 2 Dedicated circuits (1 for printer and 1 for dryer), total 4000W. • Climate control set to 70-75 degrees and 40 - 60% humidity. • Typical learning time is 6 - 20 hours over a period of 1 week. • Vent to the outside. You’d better equip one fume extractor filter

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